Family Critical Illness Plan

The Family Critical Illness Plan

When a serious diagnosis strikes, there is nothing like the support of your loved ones. Add to that support the Family Critical Illness Plan which provides up to $3,000,000.00 in coverage.


No medical is required when you sign up, which makes it easy for you and your family to get the insurance you need.


Should you or any of your covered family members become diagnosed with one of the six covered critical illnesses – Cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis



The Policyholder may apply for the FIP Critical Illness Rider once he/she has not reached the age of sixty (60). Coverage is available to the Policyholder should he/she be diagnosed with any of the following covered critical illnesses: cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis, or major burns. The Policyholder is not required to do a medical at the time of application. There is a waiting period if diagnosed with a covered critical illness within six (6) months of the effective date of the Critical Illness Rider. During this waiting period, the Policyholder will not be eligible for a benefit, for that specific critical illness unless it was due to an accident.

The Policyholder is entitled to only one lump sum payment for the life of the Critical Illness Rider. All premiums paid will be refunded, without interest under the Critical Illness Rider if the Policyholder dies and the policy is still in effect. The Policyholder may change to a higher coverage option only after six (6) months have elapsed from the effective date of the Critical Illness Rider.

If the Policyholder’s application for a higher plan is approved, a further six (6) months waiting period will apply, before the benefit becomes payable under the higher coverage. In the event of a change to a lower coverage option, benefits based on the lower coverage option become effective on the first of the month following the date on which the application was made for the change. No further waiting period will be applicable.

Critical Illness Rider Premium Schedule:

Critical Illness Rider Premium Schedule


Monthly Premium

Age Band               $500,000.00               



$     350.00

$      700.00


$     715.00

$   1,430.00


$  1,490.00

$   2,980.00


$  2,245.00

$   4,490.00