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Enrollment Process

Application for membership shall be in writing on a form approved by the Board of Directors and must be signed by the applicant agreeing to subscribe to at least $3,000 to Permanent Shares at least $2,000.00 to Ordinary Shares and $200.00 for an entrance fee.

Application Requirements

  1. Application form
  2. Valid Identification Card (Driver’s License, Passport, Electoral Registration ID
  3. Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  4. Name and Contact number of two credit references:
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Minister of Religion
  • Employer
  • Attorney-at-Law
  • Bank or Credit Union Manager
  • Member of the Credit Union for a minimum of one year 
  1. Proof of address
  • Any one utility bill
  • Letter from JP confirming permanent address
  • Letter (post marked)
  • Bank/credit card statement